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The Jess Ryan Band

Every so often you will encounter a great performer. Someone who gets on stage, and then seems to just open up like a stadium roof, as if to better draw their audience into the dark canyon within. This ability is usually not acquired through the kinds of contrived musical efforts that are practiced or taught. It's a particular talent that certain performers just have. Jess Ryan has this talent in spades, and to witness her perform is to feel the full force of unbridled human expression. Together, with four other extremely talented musicians, the five-piece band deliver a driving, twang-inflected, psych-infused rock with the kind of emotional power, passion, and intensity that can only come from deep within the heart.  


  • jESS rYAN (vocals, acoustic guitar)
  • jAMES hUTCHENS (electric guitar)
  • jOSH hERNANDEZ (bass)
  • pATRICK bEDARD (drums)
  • aNDREW lYONS (Sax)

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